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Dangers of Over Pruning

Over pruning is one of the worst and most common mistakes in tree maintenance. Why is it so common? There is a general lack of understanding about how a tree functions or a lack of current information … [Read more...]

Oak Wilt and the Injection Process

THE DISEASE AND ITS BIOLOGY: Oak Wilt is a vascular wilt disease of Oak trees caused by the fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum. All species of Oaks are susceptible with some species being somewhat … [Read more...]


A Significant Root PathogenGanoderma lucidum, the varnish fungus, is a pathogen that enters openings in root systems of many tree and shrub species. In our region, Red Oak, Cedar Elm, Pecan, Live Oak, … [Read more...]

Dormant Oil Application

Dormant oil applications to trees and shrubs can be a quite effective tool when managing many of our insect and disease problems.The application is done once a year during the dormant season. In our … [Read more...]

Controlling Cotton Root Rot

by Walter J.Walla and Everett Janne Extension plant pathologist and Extension landscape horticulturist, The Texas A&M University System. Published originally as TAEX L- 056, November, … [Read more...]

Construction Injury to Trees

New home construction and remodeling around existing trees can lead to serious damage and in many cases mortality of existing trees.There are a number of species which can only tolerate minor changes … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Trees

Trees provide a multitude of benefits. Unfortunately, much of the general public is not well informed on this topic. By increasing awareness of the benefits relating to trees, we can all utilize … [Read more...]

Air-Spade Investigation

Base Investigation and Clearing Root Flares Using the Air-spade® The Air-Spade is a handheld soil excavation tool connected to a large air-compressor. The high pressure stream of air is funneled … [Read more...]

How To Hire An Arborist

By  Steve Houser -Owner and President of Arborilogical ServicesThere can be a great difference between Arborists as far as knowledge and experience.  Understanding the difference between a Consulting … [Read more...]

How To Prune A Crepe Myrtle

By: Steve Houser In order to know how to properly prune any plant, a basic understanding of the characteristics and growth habit of the plant in our area is required. A Crepe Myrtle is not quite … [Read more...]