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Local Television News: Featured Community Events With Arborilogical Service’s Employees

Arborilogical Services, Inc. provides services to the community above and beyond the commercial services for which it is renown. To name a few: there are radio talk shows; published topical … [Read more...]

Did You Know?..

• Hoptree, Ptelea trifoliate, a member of the citrus family, is also known as the skunk bush by some because of the distinctive odor emitted when the leaves are crushed. • Since 1966, the National … [Read more...]

Pathologists Corner – Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is caused by a fungus (Ceratocystis fagacearum) which colonizes the vascular system of the tree.  Conduction of water is disrupted causing the leaves to wilt and ultimately for the tree to … [Read more...]

Winter is Prime Time to Manage Mistletoe

Mistletoe is often associated with peace or romance during the holiday season, when in fact, this holiday symbol is actually a harmful parasite of trees. Mistletoe derives its nutrients and … [Read more...]

Pathologists Corner – Dormant Season

Winter is upon us and many times our trees go without attention.  The dormant season is actually a very good time to prune many of our shade and ornamental trees.  One of the most obvious things we … [Read more...]

Look for Your Tree’s Root Flare

The root flare is the portion to the tree where the trunk widens at the base as it transitions to the root system.  This flare occurs at the natural grade of the soil.  It is of critical importance … [Read more...]

Important Landscape Information and Strategies

Here's a few important landscape information and strategies you need to be taking advantage of: It's time to prune Oaks - especially Live Oaks and Red Oaks.  To avoid the chance of your trees … [Read more...]

Dormant Season Tree Care

Although the deciduous trees have lost their leaves for the winter and we humans consider the trees to be dormant, physiologically the tree is very active.  New roots are being developed and the tree … [Read more...]

Managing Woodpecker Damage

Arborists are often asked, “What is boring holes in a straight line across my tree’s trunk?”The woodpecker is the culprit, and most of the time it causes no health problems for the tree. The most … [Read more...]

Webworms: How They Can Affect Your Trees

by Russell PetersThe female moth actually lays the eggs on the underside of the leaf in early May after the tree leafs out.  The larvae hatch and build a web for protection, then begin to consume the … [Read more...]