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Dallas Mavericks News Release

As part of the Dallas Mavericks overall Guard the Planet initiative, the Mavs, PwC US, a Big Four accounting and consulting firm, and Arborilogical Services Inc, The Experts Your Trees Deserve, teamed … [Read more...]

Oak Wilt…Facts and Fears, Part 4

Oak Wilt Management/Prevention The balance of nature relies on a diversity of native tree/plant species as a natural defense against insects, pathogens and many other threats. By planting native … [Read more...]

Oak Wilt…Facts and Fears, Part 2

Last month’s article covered basic information about Oak Wilt and its symptoms, along with an introduction to its transmission. The article noted that there is much confusion and misinformation … [Read more...]

Oak Wilt…Facts and Fears, Part 3

Oak Wilt Management/Pruning In managing Oak Wilt, the when and how to prune is a “hot potato” issue that certainly requires clarification. Researchers and governmental agencies often develop … [Read more...]