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Arborilogical™ Services, Inc. provides services to the community above and beyond the commercial services for which it is renowned. To name a few: there are radio talk shows; published topical information and articles; an informative newsletter; agriculture, horticulture and urban forestry event participation; non-profit public education programs and consortiums; public-sector lobbying for tougher “green” laws and legislation; and many, many more.Arborilogical™ is continuing its leadership role in planning the vision for the development of regional communities as well as our urban forest of the future. Visit the website for details or the read the full report.

Oncor Awards “Know Before You Grow” Poster Contest Winner

The Irving Rambler, June 12, 2008, page 6Neil Sperry presents Ryne Lambert, age 9, with a $2,000 savings bond as the winner of the Irving “Know Before You Grow” poster contest sponsored by Oncor, Neil Sperry, and Arborilogical Services. Lambert’s artwork was selected as the winning poster out of entries from participating students in the Irving Family YMCA after-school program.Ryne Lambert’s artwork will also appear on new tree tags placed on low-growing trees at W.W. Tree Farms in Dallas to make consumers aware that these marked trees are appropriate to plant near power lines. The winning poster will also appear on bookmarks that will be available at five Irving Public Library locations. Arborilogical Services judged the posters. Steve Houser, owner and certified arborist, attended the Media event.

Community/Regional Tree News will provide news articles we feel to be important regarding regional tree issues in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. If you see a tree news item that relates to tree issues within the DFW regional area, please send us an email with the link or the complete article. Your name will be noted as finding and sending the article. Our goal is to get these issues in front of as many technically interested and economically motivated people in the area as we can.

How and When to Plant TreesMany homeowners think spring when they think about planting trees. But gardening experts consider fall the best time to add trees to the landscape. Trees planted now get a head start on establishing roots before summer returns.Arborist and Master Gardener Steve Houser of Arborilogical Services, Inc. shows us how easy it is. Anyone can have lasting, beautiful results if your tree is planted correctly. Steve is representing the Dallas Master Gardener Organization of the Texas Cooperative Extension in Dallas County.Our friends at the Dallas Morning News not only wrote the community interest story, How and When to Plant Trees,  but also recorded a video for you all to review over and over again to be sure you have the basics on proper tree planting. The Dallas Morning News has been most gracious in the support of these types of efforts. Many of the trees you see around the Dallas area would not be there without their support. When you think of the DMN, think green and think trees! Many thanks to Rick Rosen and Juan Garcia for putting this story together.

How and When to Plant Trees Video Clip

If you liked this story, tell the Dallas Morning News. Increased response to this type of article will encourage them do more stories like this.

KDFW Fox4 Treasure Hunt at Discovery Gardens

Steve Houser and UFAC Committee Members were involved as volunteers for the KDFW Fox4 Treasure Hunt at the Fair Park Discovery Gardens the last weekend of the State Fair of Texas. Children from around the community were treated to a scavenger and treasure hunt where the items that they sought or found were a learning exercise about our local environment  and how to protect it. The kids won prizes, received all sorts of handouts and got an education that will last a lifetime.

KDFW Fox4 News has graciously provided a couple of video clips to show a little flavor of the event.

Sterling P. Robertson, Best Southwest Dallas Morning News Neighborsgo editor, learns how to climb a tree in Dallas with Arborist Steve Houser.Neighborsgo is a publication of the Dallas Morning News’ parent company for local communities.

Community involvement activities that are not highlighted in paragraphs below on this web page or other pages in this site are listed in the Arborilogical Services Community Activity List. Click on the link above to view the list and read about many more areas where Arborilogical employees get involved with their communities and communities’ issues.Many of these are speaking engagements that involve the public and local small businesses where our employees can share there knowledge in open forums benefiting the community, business and individuals directly by solving real problems or just doing manual labor.

2007 Mayor’s Challenge a Big SuccessDallas Area Arbor Day Celebration a Big Draw for Challengers

  • Leaders Climb Trees For Arbor Day
  • Mayor Laura Miller Champions the Trees at Arbor Day Challenge
  • Go Climb a Tree’ Challenge Gallery

Courtesy Turtle Creek People Newspaper

Mayor Miller was challenged by the mayors of Irving and Lancaster but still the champ!
Streaming Video of the “Go Climb a Tree” Challenge  courtesy of the Dallas Morning News – video by Michael Ainsworth of the DMN.

Mayor Miller performs her 2nd annual climb in support of Dallas’ trees..

Seeding the Value of Dallas’ Trees 08:48 AM CDT on Sunday, April 15, 2007
By Bob Miller / The Dallas Morning News

A healthy, thriving urban forest is critical in attaining a stable ecological balance, improving the quality of life and enhancing the environmental processes of air purification, oxygen regeneration and ground water recharge.
– Steve Houser, Arborilogical Services

Read the Dallas Morning News article detailing the fundraising campaign of the Dallas Urban Forestry Advisory committee for the “Greening of Dallas”. The council is a non-profit organization that deals with urban forestry issues in the Dallas area. Steve Houser, president of Arborilogical Services, is the chairman. Visit their web site at

One of the many goals established by the committee is to establish citywide standards for planting trees, caring for them and training city workers. Another goal is to encourage developers to build around trees and citizens to seek the advice of the Dallas urban forester and the Urban Forest Advisory Committee.

Could Developers be Removing Too Many Trees in Dallas?

What do you think? Respond to this Dallas Morning News article: Dallas Tree Removal Worries Some. Email it to friends and colleagues, then sound off by stating your opinion in a Letter to the DMN Editor. Be sure to mention the article. This is a hot topic in more ways than one. If too many trees are removed, the cooling effect of the urban forest canopy is lost, thus during the summer months our temperatures could sore even higher. Then there is the decreased capacity to filter pollutants from our air with fewer trees. What will that do for our Clean Air Act liability with the Federal Government? After you’ve done the foot work, here’s a PDF copy of the story for reference. The Dallas Urban Forestry Advisory Committee has answered to this and other issues. (See more stories like this on the Community and Regional News page.)

Letters to the Dallas Morning News Editor

The Bob Miller story has spawned Letters to the Editor from the citizens of Dallas regarding the area’s declining tree population. Click the link to view some of these letters. Please write the Dallas Morning news yourself to let them know how you feel about this and similar issues and how you appreciate them covering these types of topics. They are in the fight with us. See their recent editorial in support of Green Dallas.

“Ask Andrea” Talk Radio Show

Steve Houser was a guest on Andrea Ridout’s locally syndicated talk radio show “Ask Andrea”, geared toward the Home Improvement Buff and Do-It-Yourselfer. Steve gave homeowner’s of the Metroplex tips on tree pruning, watering and general tree care. Using radio as a medium of information broadcasting, Arborilogical Services reached hundreds if not thousands of the region’s populace with useful tree knowledge they would get nowhere else.Of course there is no substitute for an experienced certified arborist! The show aired on August 5, 2006. Andrea’s show broadcast’s Saturday’s at 12:00 noon on nationally syndicated ABC radio affiliates.Click the Microphone
for the Program

The Local Media Supports Us as we support them.

Texas AgriLife Extension Service Farm Day
(Note: Texas Cooperative Extension has changed their legal name to Texas AgriLife Extension Service)Steve Houser, Owner and president of Arborilogical Services volunteered his taken the time to teach inner-city youth the value of trees and urban forestry at the 2007 Texas AgriLife Extension Service 2007 Farm Day held at the Fair Park Agriculture Coliseum this past summer. Since 1997, Farm Day has reached over 40.000 inner city youth and it continues to grow each year.

See You at the Next FARM DAY!
May, 2010

We Support The Local MediaArborilogical Services and its employees have a commitment to the communities in which they work, live and enjoy life. This commitment is evident in the impact that they have made in Dallas and the surrounding areas. This impact and the environmental, social and political issues surrounding them could have no better mouthpiece than the local print, radio and television media.Steve Houser, not one to miss a promotional opportunity, has wafted through the air waves on local television quite often teaching the local citizenry the wisdom of looking after their trees and the “how to” of doing it. See the In the News page.