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Arborilogical Services, Inc. provides services to the community above and beyond the commercial services for which it is renowned.Note: We are starting with a blank page near January 1, 2007. Although we have had many years of involvement prior to this date and could fill many pages, we are starting this resume for our web site now virtually blank. We will add older items as we dig them from the archives but we’re quite busy with the new!
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  Dallas Morning News Steve Houser, Arborist and Bill Seaman,
Trees literally contribute to a community’s health

STEVE HOUSER & BILL SEAMAN The Dallas City Council will vote on proposed revisions to the tree preservation ordinance this month.The revisions to the 1993 ordinance were drafted by the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee and submitted to the Plan Commission for review and approval. After thorough study and debate and some additional strengthening based on almost 10 years of practical application, the commission unanimously approved the draft and forwarded it to the council. It now is up to the full council to make the revisions law.

Why is the tree preservation ordinance important? Simply stated, the health and prosperity of Dallas are at stake.

With each ozone alert day, the importance of trees becomes more apparent. Plus, ongoing scientific research on how we as a community benefit from a healthy urban forest is developing quantifiable data with a dollar value. That value goes way beyond the obvious aesthetic benefit.

Since coal-fired power plants are a major source of pollutants, reducing electrical consumption can improve air quality A recent study of energy use in Ocala, Fla., and Gainesville, Fla, found that although the cities were similar, Gainesville was spending an average of $126 less in energy costs per household annually. The difference was directly attributable to a strict tree ordinance in Gainesville that encourages tree preservation. .According to the Energy Department, proper tree placement in a residential landscape can cut energy costs by 25 percent to 50 percent.

Research also is showing that the greatest benefit from our urban forests may be from improving air quality. Trees are natural air filters, trapping airborne particulate matter, producing oxygen and capturing carbon dioxide.

A study by the Environmental Protection Agency In Chicago showed a 23.2 percent tree canopy cover in a Lincoln Park neighborhood annually filtered 43.9 tons of particulate matter, 14 tons of carbon dioxide and 12.4 tons of nitrogen oxides.

According to the Forest 5ervice, a large city tree removes 90 times as much carbon as a small one; therefore, the preservation of larger trees is critical – a good reason to protect all of the existing trees in the Great Trinity Forest here in Dallas. For every ton of wood an urban forest grows, it removes 1.47 tons of carbon dioxide and replaces it with 1.07 tons of oxygen.

Trees have the ability to modify our climate, reducing temperature through shade and evapo-transpiration. That is why Oak Cliff can be 13 degrees cooler than Addison on a summer day. Lower temperatures reduce the formation of ozone and maintain air quality.

Planting trees helps meet long term environmental goals, while preserving trees helps meet short- term goals. By preserving our urban forest, we won’t have to hold our collective breath for 20 years as new tree plantings mature.

Contact the mayor and your City Council member and ask them to support a stronger tree preservation ordinance that values and protects our urban forest.

Steve Houser is the past president of the Dallas Historic Tree Coalition. Bill Seaman is the current President.

02/01/1995 Dallas Morning News and Wylie News Kevin Basset, Arborist
Area arborist receives prestigious ‘Arborist of the Year’ awardKEVIN BASSETTKevin Bassett, prominent local arborist for Over 15 years. has received the coveted “Arborist of the Year’ award from the International Society of Arboriculture, Texas Chapter. Kevin is a plant pathologist and vice president of Arborilogical Services, Inc., a local area tree care company. He is a resident of Richardson and has earned this award by donating his time to the Texas Chapter of the I.S.A., as well as his personal achievements. He has been instrumental in planning and running the Texas Chapter I.S.A. Jamboree.. (The Jamboree is a yearly event for tree climbers who compete against each other for the state championship). Kevin himself was third place champion in the Texas State Jamboree in 1983 and placed 14th in the world in the International Jamboree that same year. Kevin has been on the board of directors for the Texas Chapter I.S.A. for the past few years.Bassett has a bachelors degree in plant pathology from Colorado State University and he is an I.S.A. certified Arborist. He is also responsible for the certification of some of the other Texas arborists through the I.S.A.’s certification program.
01/20/2002 Dallas Morning New Lifestyles Profile Steve Houser – Arborist, Owner
Dallas Morning News – LifestylesHigh Profile: Steve Houser besides being a respected arborist, he may be the best friend a threatened tree ever had.01/20/2002By MIKE PETERS Staff Writer / The Dallas Morning News

Read the full article on our web site.

Have you hugged a tree today?
Oct 17th is Designated as Tree Hugger Day

12/04/2006 North Texas Master Naturalists Steve Houser – Arborist, Owner
Subject: Master Naturalist Summary recordsThe attached document contains your Summary report. Hi Steve!

As you can see from your report, CONGRATULATIONS are in order for YOU!!!  Not only have you recertified for 2006, but you have passed the 2,500 Milestone Level!  It will be my honor to present you both awards at the December Holiday Awards Party on the 6th.  I hope you can be with us especially because you are only the third member to have passed the 2,500 level in the Chapter’s history.  We would all love to thank you for your service to NTMN and to the community.

I hope you will mark your calendar to be with us!

Beverly Guthrie
North Texas Master Naturalists This email message refers to 2500 hours of volunteer service to the North Texas Master Naturalist program. Those are hours of teaching you and me and our children the basics of taking care of our trees with his special flair for letting us know how special we and our trees really are. That is just one of MANY volunteer programs and services to which Mr. Houser graciously donates his talents and his time serving the public and our community.

October 29-31, 2006 International Oak Society Conference
Texas Coop Ext/Res Center-Dallas 17360 Coit Rd., Dallas, TX 75252-6502
Steve Houser – Arborist, Owner
Arborilogical Services President, Mr. Steve Houser, was a host for the 5th International Oak Conference, provided by the International Oak Society. The event was held on October 29th thru the 31st at the Coit Road office (Dallas) of the Texas Cooperative Extension Service.The International Oak Society works to further the study, sustainable management, preservation, appreciation, and dissemination of knowledge to the public about oaks and their ecosystems.During the conference, members enjoyed a welcome dinner on October 29th as well as two days of top notch speakers covering oak related subjects, including the Texas Tree Trail. They also enjoyed a van trip through Texas to view a vast array of oaks species across the state led by Texas Forest Service Representatives, Mr. Courtney Blevins and Mr. Matt Grubisich.Arborilogical Services supports this type of effort due to the education provided and the positive light that this event casts on the Dallas area as people who care about trees.
January 17, 2007 North Texas Mid Winter Green Industry Symposium Pavilion Texas Coop Ext/Res Center-Dallas 17360 Coit Rd., Dallas, TX 75252-6502 Steve Houser – Arborist, Owner Bryan White – Arborist
This symposium is designed to help provide members of the green industry knowledge, tips, suggestions, best practices and recommendations including the IPM approach to enable better utilization of time, effort and reduce expenses.Selecting the best quality trees for specific locations and planting properly are considered two vital components in their long term health, beauty, and usefulness while reducing maintenance costs in home, municipal and commercial landscapes including insect and disease problems. Forester/Arborist Bryan White will provide lessons and how this may be accomplished.It has been said that trees are damaged more by improper pruning than diseases and insects combined. The total maintenance of trees in municipal, home and commercial landscapes by successful programs adds energy savings, esthetic and real dollar value plus quality of life to our landscapes. Decades of experience from Arborist Steve Houser will provide answers on how this may be accomplished.1 – 2:15pm, Trees: Selection and Planting, Bryan White, Forester, (ISA) International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist 2:30 – 3:45 pm,   Preventing Problems by; Proper Pruning and Maintenance of Trees,  Steve Houser, Certified Arborist, Certified Dallas County Master Gardener, Certified Master Naturalist, Chairman – Urban Forestry Council
January 20, 2007 Dallas County Master Gardener AssociationSpeakers Bureau “Conservation Series” – Series II

Earthkind® – “Micro-Talks”

Addison Athletic Club (972-450-7048)

3900 Beltway Drive   •   Addison, TX  75001

Steve Houser – Arborist, Owner
April 20, 2007 Earth Day Celebration 2007 Covered by the Dallas Morning News Steve Houser – Arborist, Owner Bill Seaman – Arborist, Horticulturist, Sarah Sours – Arborist
Love Those TreesAn Earth Day celebration is not complete without the trees. Members of several groups, including the Dallas Historic Tree Coalition, the Dallas Parks Department, the Texas Trees Foundation and the Urban Forest Advisory Committee, will answer questions.Steve Houser, chair of the Urban Forest Advisory Committee, which advises the city of Dallas on trees and urban forest issues (including diagnosis of disease), says two initiatives are getting under way in conjunction with Earth Day.

The first is a donation program to support planting trees in Dallas.

“Dallas is the seventh-largest city in the country and there has not been a citywide effort to plant trees,” says Mr. Houser, owner of Arborilogical Services.

In addition, interested people can now receive up to 40 hours of training in a citizen foresters program, in exchange for 80 hours of volunteer time.

September 2008 September monthly meeting of the North Texas Master Naturalists Sara Beckelman and Steve Houser
North Texas Master Naturalists Gives 5000 Hour Volunteer Hour Pins to Two Arborilogical Employees!Left to Right: Jim Varnum; Sara Beckelman, Past President of NT Master Naturalists; and Steve Houser. These members received their 5000 hour milestone pin – an amazing feat! Awards were given out at the NTMN September monthly meeting.
December 2008 In Support of Our FAMILY IN Iraq:
Chris Brewer’s step-son, 2nd Lieutenant Matthew Caterasano serving our nation in the Marine Corps
Chris  Brewer’s Step-Son
2nd Lieutenant Matthew Caterasano, on the right, deployed with the Marines in Fallujah, Iraq, is not only keeping freedom and democracy safe from those who would defile that sacred right but also is spreading the goodwill and peace that we enjoy because of the selfless sacrifices of many people just like Matt. Matt with his buddy is shown here distributing food bags, sunglasses and small trinkets to Iraqi children.We are proud to be Americans and pray for you and your company to carry out your work under God’s watchful eye safely and effectively so that we may celebrate your safe return home soon.God bless you, Matt. We salute you! We send our prayers along to you, the Marines and the Iraqi people.