Our Skilled Staff

Degreed/Certified Professionals

Our Support Staff

General Manager – Lisa Pennington

Assistant Manager – Kirbie Houser

Executive Assistant to the Owner – RuthAnn Jackson

Production Manager – Nicolas Martinez

Assistant Production Manager – David Ruiz

Production Scheduling Supervisors

  • Leigh Carver
  • Zandrea Gorsuch

Fertilization and Product Application Department Manager

  • Kirbie Houser

Fertilization and Product Application Scheduling Supervisor

  • Christie Yarbrough

Client Services Representatives

  • Cathy O’Neal
  • Jeffrey Fuhrmeister
  • Kurt Pennington
  • Marli Bagby
  • Marty Patino


  • Kirbie Houser

Production Crew Foreman

  • Arturo Ibarra
  • Jose Navarro
  • Miguel Pastenes
  • Gustavo Salmeron
  • Vicente Pena
  • Martin Carlos
  • David Ruiz

Chief Mechanic – Keith Moody