Air Spade / Root Flare Excavation

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Investigation and Clearing Root Flares

The Air Spade is an arborist’s tool for clearing soil from the base of trees.  While arborists have long been able to examine the tree above ground, this tool now gives them the opportunity to examine the root flare – that part of the trunk that converges into root tissue.  Exposing the root flare can provide an arborist with valuable information regarding the general health of the tree.

Health and Diagnosis

The Air Spade is a tool that can tell the arborist if the grade has been changed around the base of a tree.  Soil that has been added around the base of a tree can have a negative effect on the tree’s health.  An exposed root flare can be examined to determine if structural roots show signs of decay.  Decaying structural roots can lead to tree failure.  The most common use for the Air Spade is to reveal root flares in preparation for the treatment of Oak Wilt.  Your arborist may recommend the use of the Air Spade to properly diagnose tree health issues.

More Information on the Air Spade

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