Drought and Heat May Have a Long-Lasting Effect on Urban Trees

It may be a few years before we fully understand the impact of last summer’s drought and heat on our urban forest.  The immediate effect is quite blunt.  Whether from relentless heat or lack of water, … [Read more...]

The Garden Guru: An Expert Advises on How to Treat Our Trees

BY NEIL SPERRY - Special to the Star-Telegram When the guy's ringtone is of a chain saw revving, he might be an arborist. I had a chance to visit with Steve Houser, owner of Arborilogical … [Read more...]

Neil Sperry recommends Arborilogical Services

For all your tree needs Neil Sperry recommends Arborilogical Services, Inc. … [Read more...]

Arborist preaches proper tree care

"It's never been about the money for me," says Arborilogical owner Steve Houser. Despite 30 years as a successful business owner, he says the majority of his actions are driven by one goal: "I want … [Read more...]

Master gardeners hear from arborist

Although most Texans think of drought and cold as the top enemies of trees, snow, ice and wind can create additional stress that leads to major breakage or toppling, a North Texas arborist told … [Read more...]

Why We Should Care About Trees

By  Steve Houser, Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee Chair Trees clean our air, water, and soil. They also add greatly to our health, sense of well being, quality of life, and our economic … [Read more...]

Maverick’s players help plant trees at Reverchon Park

As part of the Dallas Mavericks Guard the Planet initiative, the Mavs launched Trees for Wins and committed to plant one tree in Reverchon Park for every Mavs win this season. For the Mavs 50 wins to … [Read more...]

Bob Woodruff Park in Plano to host Texas Tree Climbing Championships

Plano’s subdivisions and shopping centers hardly conjure up natural wonder. But a short walk from some mini-mansions, a Chase bank and a Chinese restaurant sits a leafy grove with some of the oldest … [Read more...]