Heat, Drought Turn Color of Trees

Bryan White, a certified arborist with Arborilogical Services, Inc., was recently interviewed by NBC DFW.Video courtesy of NBC DFW. Full story … [Read more...]

Did You Know?..

• Hoptree, Ptelea trifoliate, a member of the citrus family, is also known as the skunk bush by some because of the distinctive odor emitted when the leaves are crushed. • Since 1966, the National … [Read more...]

Webworms: How They Can Affect Your Trees

by Russell PetersThe female moth actually lays the eggs on the underside of the leaf in early May after the tree leafs out.  The larvae hatch and build a web for protection, then begin to consume the … [Read more...]


A Significant Root PathogenGanoderma lucidum, the varnish fungus, is a pathogen that enters openings in root systems of many tree and shrub species. In our region, Red Oak, Cedar Elm, Pecan, Live Oak, … [Read more...]

Dormant Oil Application

Dormant oil applications to trees and shrubs can be a quite effective tool when managing many of our insect and disease problems.The application is done once a year during the dormant season. In our … [Read more...]