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Mr. Ben Thomas

Mr. Ben Thomas, Certified Consulting Arborist & ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Mr. Ben Thomas joined Arborilogical Services in 2005 as a Certified Consulting Arborist, with six years of experience in the field of arborology.

Mr. Thomas grew up in Iowa, the land of corn, gravel, and wildlife. Most of his time while growing up was spent in the outdoors; either with Boy Scouts (Mr. Thomas is a proud Eagle Scout), Pheasants Forever, or with his father, hunting game in the Hills of Western Iowa. Mr. Thomas knew from a young age that he wanted to be a Forester, but it was not until his college years that he learned about the field of Urban Forestry. 

Mr. Thomas earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban and Community Forestry from Iowa State University in Ames. Upon his graduation, he was hired in his home town as their Assistant City Forester.  Mr. Thomas spent several years in this position, eventually taking what he learned at the city to Creighton University. At Creighton, he built upon what he had previously learned in his new position as the Campus Arborist. There he developed a campus-wide program to inventory all the trees at the university. Mr. Thomas was also tasked with the pruning of the trees on what was, at that time, an 80-acre campus. 

Though when Mr. Thomas came to Dallas, he felt he had a lot to learn regarding the new array of trees, pests, and wildlife, he was well-equipped for the challenge. He has spent most of his time with Arborilogical in both Southern Dallas and Tarrant County, learning many new and interesting things, his favorite subjects being the Post Oak and Blackjack Oaks.

Currently, Mr. Thomas is training to be a Certified Safety Coordinator for Arborilogical Services. He is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Texas Chapter of ISA. When he is not working in the trees, he can be found spending time with his wife and their two daughters, who by the way, loves to go around with her dad and collect acorns for planting.

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