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Mr. John Groschke

Mr. John Groschke, Certified Consulting Arborist

Mr. John Groschke joined Arborilogical Services as a certified consulting arborist when he moved to Dallas, Texas in 2013.

Mr. Groschke was born in Houston, Texas and raised in the small town of Splendora, Texas. After graduating from high school, Mr. Groschke moved to Tomball, Texas where he helped his father run a small family-owned ranch. During this time, he earned his associate's degree in science.

After graduating from college with his associate's degree, Mr. Groschke still had not decided what he wanted to do in his career life. In furthering his education, he was at a crossroads, deciding between a forestry degree at Stephen F. Austin or a marine biology degree at Texas A&M University in Galveston. His mind was made up however, upon visiting the Arthur Temple College of Forestry. From then forward, Mr. Groschke was hooked on forestry.

Though he was hooked on forestry, he did not realize how much his view of the woods was going to change over the next couple of years. In Mr. Groschke’s junior year at Stephen F. Austin, he was one of only a few students across the country to be selected as an intern with the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. His internship consisted of working with the U. S. Forest Service conducting “stand exams” and “cruising timber”.  For Mr. Groschke, it was the experience of a lifetime.

Two days after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry (with an emphasis in Urban Forestry), Mr. Groschke started his professional career with Davey Tree Expert Co. in Houston, Texas. In 2013, he moved to Dallas, Texas where his love for trees was renewed when he joined the arborist team at Arborilogical Services. Mr. Groschke is a firm believer in the phrase, "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life".

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