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Mr. Kevin Bassett

Mr. Kevin Bassett, Plant Pathologist, Certified Consulting Arborist, and Founding Partner of Arborilogical Services, Inc. since 1981.
Mr. Kevin Bassett stands next to a display of his wood- turned artwork.

Mr. Kevin Bassett became a Founding Partner and Certified Consulting Arborist of Arborilogical Services in 1981. A native of Grand Bend, Kansas, Mr. Bassett graduated from high school in Midland, Texas. He began his career as a Professional Arborist in Greeley, Colorado, after earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Pathology from Colorado State University.

Over the course of his almost 40-year career as a Certified Professional Arborist, Mr. Bassett has pursued at least two related passions with great enthusiasm.

The annual International Tree Climbing Championship first captured his attention in 1983. Since then Mr. Bassett has been an eager participant as well as a Judge for the Aerial Rescue, the Foot Lock, the Belayed Speed Climb, and the Secured Foot Lock Events over the years. He is also a Past Chairman of the Texas Tree Climbing Championship.

In 1993, he began teaching himself how to turn wood on the lathe, which quickly became a new passion as he became increasingly skilled at expressing the beauty of the tree through his wood creations. In 2006, Mr. Bassett’s wood-turned art was represented by the Wild Spirit Gallery in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and by the Artist’s Showplace Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Among other recognition of his skills, his work was selected in 2007 as the Dallas Area Wood Turners Club’s entry into the Oklahoma Forest Heritage Center Museum’s “Masters at Work” competition in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. “Most of my artwork is produced from wood that I select and collect from my clients’ trees, thus recycling a portion of the tree that will continue to live as art … I never know what the inside of the wood will tell, but I always enjoy the story,” Mr. Bassett said, reflecting on his work as an artist. His works are included in several private collections.

Mr. Bassett has taught several subjects on arboriculture including tree anatomy, tree identification, and many other aspects of modern arboriculture. He has been active in the Texas Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture, which elected him President in 1997, and named him “Arborist of the Year” in 1994 and once again in 2016! In 2000, he received the “Community Forestry Award – Arboricultural Project Award / Dealey Plaza Treenewal” from the Texas Forest Service, the Texas Urban Forestry Council, and the Texas Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. 

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