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Voting for Green Source DFW Awards Ends Sept. 30

The award to be given to the 2018 Green Source DFW Award Winners. Photo by Green Source DFW.
Voting for the 7th annual Green Source DFW Sustainable Leadership Awards kicked off today and will continue thru Sept. 30. Photo by Green Source DFW.

Published September 19, 2018 By JULIE THIBODEAUX


Voting continues through the end of September for the 7th annual Green Source DFW Sustainable Leadership Awards!

Below are the categories and the nominees you will see on the ballot. You will be amazed and proud of the individuals and groups advancing the green movement in North Texas!

Thank you to all our nominators and congratulations to all the nominees. We are grateful to everyone of you for your contributions to the green movement in North Texas!



You can vote once a day until Sept. 30. 

The top three finalists in each category will be narrowed to a winner, selected by a panel of judges from the North Texas green community.

Winners will be announced Nov. 15 at the Green Source DFW Sustainable Leadership Awards. Get your tickets today!

Call or text 817-732-0722 or email with any questions or problems with voting.



Mariana Greene 

Mariana Greene is the former home and garden editor at Dallas Morning News. She is semi-retired but still writes occasional pieces for the paper and is a popular blogger and Facebook poster. She has spent a lifetime promoting sustainable living through her own articles and by example in her own lifestyle. She was one of the leading spearheads for the backyard chicken movement in DFW and probably got more people started with chickens than just about anyone else in this area. READ MORE

Teresa Gubbins

Teresa Gubbins is currently a writer and editor at CultureMap Dallas. She has previously worked for Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Pegasus News, in addition to freelancing for several other publications. Teresa has injected environmental coverage into the publications she works for. She has written extensively on animal treatment and animal rights, food-related environmental issues, the rising popularity and benefits of veganism, and, most particularly, she has lead the local coverage on the anti-straws movement, which she began writing about more than a decade ago. READ MORE

Randy Loftis

Randy Loftis has "walked his talk" as a decades-long environmental journalist bringing factual information about important environmental issues to his readers, and policy makers. Originally writing on environmental issues for the Miami Herald, Randy was hired by the Dallas Morning News as their Environmental Reporter and stayed for 26 years. He continues to work as an independent journalist including writing the piece "Global Death Toll from Wildfires" for National Geographic News Service. He also serves as Senior Editor at Texas Climate News. To help groom the next generation of environmental journalists, Randy is now a full-time Professor and Faculty Member at UNT. READ MORE

Julie Ryan 

Julie Ryan’s career in environmental writing has spanned from prairies and wildflowers to cities’ efforts on climate change and Texas Legislature battles over oil and gas safety. She first wrote about sustainable gardens, prairies and native plants with the Dallas Morning News, and also for Texas Parks & Wildlife, D Magazine and others. In 2014, Julie took on environmental news reporting. She covers events and issues that affect our air, water, soil and energy as well as our green spaces and wild places. She digs into local and state policy and regulation meant to protect the public interest, and covers efforts by environmental and grassroots groups who work hard to make that happen. Her articles currently appear in Dallas Observer, regularly in GreenSource DFW, Fort Worth Weekly and Texas Climate NewsREAD MORE

Ben Sandifer

Not all environmental reporters work in traditional media. Sandifer, the founder of the Dallas Trinity Trails blog, tweets and when he does the media listens. Sandifer spends dozens of hours each week on patrol. He waits for no one. He watches and he acts. Dozens of investigative stories have spun from his cyber missives - Illegal dumping in the Great Trinity Forest. Illegal turtle harvesting in White Rock Lake. Countless acts of bad city behavior in the Trinity River bottoms.



Ambient Green

Ambient Green aka is an online platform created by Dallas resident Novella Landeau for the international sharing of implemented sustainability practices, projects and city features. It is designed to be universally beneficial, allowing the most rural and metropolitan areas, alike, to showcase their own efforts toward creating less of an impact on the environment. Individuals and businesses from a number of countries have already shared their efforts for the purpose of inspiring and driving further projects worldwide. READ MORE

DFW Air Research Consortium

Fueled by the technical expertise at UTD, UNT, UNTHSC, TCU and UTA, this group known as the DFW Air Research Consortium is now overseeing the establishment of DFW's first independent air quality network. Up to 50 particulate matter monitors are due to be installed by the end of 2018, or 49 more than operate in Dallas County now. They'll provide real time readings via a phone app. It will be the first network of its kind in Texas. As cutting edge as the establishment of the monitor network is in its own right, it's the way the monitors are calibrated in real time in the field via machine learning that sets the DFW network apart from similar efforts elsewhere. This is its "Killer App" that makes the ARC network model scalable, portable and reliable. UTD's Dr. David Lary is directly responsible for that difference, but the network as a whole was a collaboration with ARC members. READ MORE


GoodWork coworking, an innovative shared workspace community, was launched by Amy King, LEED Green Associate, in early 2018 in Dallas. Goodwork is the first coworking space in the nation focused on inclusive sustainability and wellness for entrepreneurs, non-profits and innovators, powered by solar. D Magazine called it the “superfood of coworking.” GoodWork’s mission is to model and grow a responsible business culture that has a net positive impact on the world. Cofounder and CEO Amy King saw the need to provide a forward-thinking space for the people of DFW to incubate their business, innovate and come together for discussions around climate change, green building, responsible/conscious capitalism and funding for social enterprise. READ MORE

Lori Delacruz Lewis

Lori Delacruz Lewis is the sustainability project coordinator for Mountain View College in Dallas. Lori has served as co-chair of DCCCD Sustainability Team for several years. As part of her master's capstone project, she has created a faculty workbook called "Sustainability: Designing Interdisciplinary Opportunities for Teaching." The workbook provides faculty members with detailed examples of how they can incorporate sustainability into their course, regardless of the discipline. Lori recently learned that her workbook project has been selected by the Clinton Global Initiative University to be presented on the global stage. READ MORE

Kat Mendenhall

Dallas entreprenuer Kat Mendenhall is the founder of the first vegan western boot company in Texas, if not the world. Her vision is a world where animals are not raised solely for their skins and hair, which contributes to some of the largest environmental issues faced in our world today. Her mission is to continue to offer sustainable and non leather boots and accessories in order to educate and give alternatives to fashion products used today. Her materials are sourced from eco-friendly and award winning manufacturers in the USA and her products are made by fair wage skilled workers in Texas. READ MORE

Rogue Water

Fort Worth-based Rogue Water was founded by Stephanie Zavala and Arianne Shipley, aka the H2duO, in 2017. Both women worked for a decade in municipal water utilities in public education and communication for water and environmental services. They left their safe, secure jobs to launch Rogue Water, which provides communication resources for water providers so they can better serve the public and protect the community’s water. Whether it's a face to face conversation, social media or a podcast episode Rogue Water and the H2duO use every platform to convey the value of water and how every person impacts that most precious resource. READ MORE

White Rock Soap Gallery

Dallas-based White Rock Soap Gallery is a local maker of vegan soaps, candles and personal care products. Founders Keith Bailey and Mark Fuentes have taken a small, local start up that was selling products at flea markets and farmers markets around the area to become a company that will do nearly $1 million in sales this year in their three retail stores where they sell not only their own products but those of other local and regional producers. Their delightful soaps, candles and other personal care products are made with mostly local and vegan ingredients and have broken the mold when it comes to innovative and green products. READ MORE



Larry Brannon

Larry Brannon has more than 30 years experience maintaining the integrity of a historic springs and pond in Urbandale. This important springs and pond is a rare and unique ecosystem in Dallas. The pond was originally built by G. G. Slack in 1927. He does not use pesticides or fertilizers hence, many native species of plants have been allowed to proliferate. The water and open space provides a specialized environment for migrating birds. READ MORE

Groundwork Dallas

Groundwork Dallas is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is one of 20 Groundwork USA authorized trusts across the country, and the only one in Texas. The mission of Groundwork Dallas is to regenerate, sustain and improve the Dallas Elm Fork Greenbelt and Great Trinity Forest by developing community-based partnerships that educate and empower people, businesses and organizations to promote environmental stewardship. The nonprofit removes 35,000-plus tons of trash per year from the Trinity. READ MORE

Erika Lee Harper

Erika Lee Harper is a former missionary and current litigation paralegal. She has lived in the Amazon to study homeopathic therapy, environment and hydroponics. She has volunteered for many years throughout the DFW community with environmental organizations, primarily River Legacy Park and the Dallas Audubon Society. She has taught a class on Pope Francis’ encyclical entitled Laudato Si, which translates into the Joy of the Earth. She is also a huge advocate for employees recycling in her office.

Steve Houser

Steve Houser has been advocating for trees in North Texas for more than 30 years, educating city leaders, developers and the general public on the many benefits of trees, as well as advocating for historic and mature trees in jeopardy of being removed. He volunteered much of his time and efforts over the past 15 years to the updated Dallas Tree Ordinance, finally passed by the Dallas City Council earlier this year. He is also the cofounder of the Texas Historic Tree Coalition, a statewide tree advocacy group, and the coauthor of a book on Indian marker trees. READ MORE

Kids Who Care

Kids Who Care is a Fort Worth-based nonprofit international theatre company that produces confident and creative kids through musical theatre education and performance. In July 2017, an international cast of kids came to Fort Worth to join local kids to produce and perform Kids Who Care’s Earth and Soul, a musical with monologues, songs and choreography all centered around taking care of the planet. The musical celebrates programs and systems that inspire change worldwide, and honor people who are pioneers for positive change for our planet. Through the production, audience members are encouraged and inspired to do their part. The cast then role modeled their actions through the social activism of the show, by setting goals and creating systems to reduce waste. READ MORE

Valeri Marler

Valeri Marler is the exective director of both Crosstimbers Ranch Wildlife Center, and The National Bobcat Rescue and Research Center in Terrell. Valeri has spent 20 years working with, researching and caring for native bobcats, with a particular interest in urban bobcats. Her drive to educate every person who will listen is unmatched! NBRR is the largest bobcat rescue in the world, yet gets very little notoriety as bobcats are generally considered a nuisance most everywhere in the world. READ MORE

Jarratt Willis

Jarratt was a critical member of my team on The Great Seed Bomb and I now consider him a cofounder of the nonprofit, whose mission is to restore native habitats for bees, monarchs and other pollinators. I've never seen someone so dedicated to the restoration of natural habitat. He stuck it out through multiple tough events, in any weather and even after we didn't hit our target for our crowdfunding campaign or get a grant. He has kept up events and community organizing for almost two years solo. We are all volunteers, but Jarratt puts in his own money to keep The Great Seed Bomb alive. He has amassed an impressive list of partnerships since a year and a a half ago and he is a true inspiration to the conservation community. READ MORE

John Wilt

John Wilt is volunteer extraordinaire for Texas Discovery Gardens and North Texas Master Naturalists. He is dependable, steady and calm. He is quiet but his knowledge is vast. In the dozens of good eco-deeds that Texas Discovery Gardens does each year, Wilt is right there. Integrating native plants into Harry Moss and Crawford Parks, and Cedar Ridge Preserve as well. He helps the TDG plant operations go smooth and is a major engine of the twice-annual native plant sales. Wilt is so hands-on in his commitment that he is restoring rural land south of Dallas to help pollinators. Once he gets to know you, he's rather fun.

Don and Debora Young

Don and Debora Young founded the Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area in 2004 in response to the arrival of urban drilling in Fort Worth. They launched the earliest protests against fracking in the area to help protect the last remnants of the prairie in Fort Worth. In 2006, they created Prairie Fest at Tandy Hills, the first green festival of its kind in the area introducing thousands to Tandy Hills, which had a ten-year run. It became a joyous festival where the environmental community could connect. Last year, they hosted the largest BioBlitz ever held in North Texas, if not the state, to launch data collection of species at Tandy Hills. In addition, They created an educational program, Kids on the Prairie, to introduce thousands of school kids to the prairie and help create the next generation of conservationists and environmentalists. READ MORE



Crosstimbers Ranch Wildlife Center

Crosstimbers Ranch Wildlife Center in Terrell is North Texas’ largest native mammal wildlife rehabilitation center. Run completely by volunteers and on donations, Crosstimbers helps over 5,000 mammals annually return to the wild. Wildlife awareness and education outreach is an important part of Crosstimbers mission. Teaching the urban sector to appreciate rather than fear the wild ones that live in our own back yards has been the mission of the Ranch from the beginning. READ MORE

Denton Embassy Suites

The Denton Embassy Suites is one of the newest projects by Tim O'Reilly and the O'Reilly Hospitality Management team. It is the second LEED-certified hotel project in North Texas and one of many of his total LEED projects throughout the United States. The hotel and convention center are currently under review to obtain Gold LEED certification. At last count there were less than 70 hotels in the U.S. that have this level of LEED certification. READ MORE

DFW Solar Tour

The DFW Solar Tour, North Texas' premier energy event, is now the LARGEST Solar and Renewable Energy Tour in Texas and ranked THIRD in the U.S.! Now in its ninth year, the DFW Solar Tour has grown from a few sites with some of the FIRST solar installations in North Texas to 50 sites spread out over five North Texas counties. This unique self-guided Open House event includes homes, schools, colleges, businesses and municipal sites. READ MORE

Environmental League

The Dallas-based Environmental League (EL) is an arm of the Environmental Projects Company dedicated to organizing middle and high school clubs focused on clean-up projects, environmental awareness and immersive nature trips for our urban students, many whom are growing increasingly out of touch with our natural heritage. Our fledgling 2017-2018 school year saw an initial membership of 44 students across 2 chapters (Conrad High School and Hillcrest High School) drive several clean-up efforts removing over 700 fifty-gallon bags of litter from two Dallas sites. READ MORE

Promise of Peace Community Gardens

Elizabeth Dry is the director of Promise of Peace Community Gardens in Dallas. POP gets the community involved in organic gardening. Elizabeth also works with many elementary schools in Dallas County in getting them to grow and eat what is produced using green methods. I have had the pleasure of helping and seeing the results, which includes a lot of happy elementary students. Elizabeth is making a green difference in so many lives. I have seen first hand how she can move mountains. I support Elizabeth’s efforts because they make such a difference in a community that is often neglected.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden Green Team

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden Green Team is the garden’s first ever task force for sustainability. Formed in March of this year by volunteer staff under encouragement from the Garden Director, its mission is to revolutionize waste management at the Garden and, eventually, across the city of Fort Worth. Stated simply, the Team's aim is for the Fort Worth Botanic Garden to be Fort Worth’s first zero waste facility. Thanks to the Green Team, the Fort Worth Botanic Garden is now diverting two-thirds of its waste from trash to recycling, reducing regular paper use by more than 10,000 sheets per year, composting in break rooms and expanding the program by the day. READ MORE

Painted Flower Farms

Painted Flower Farms is a small nursery on the edge of Denton that is dedicated to providing native and adapted plants. Its mission is to help increase the number of native and adaptive plants within the community. READ MORE

Profound Microfarms

Profound Microfarms in Lucas sustainably grows 150 varieties of leafy greens, culinary herbs, microgreens and edible flowers for more than 30 local restaurants and works directly with Chefs. PMF is very open to sharing all of their hydroponic, aquaponic and controlled environment knowledge and has college partners, many interns, tours and classes and training for adults and children educational groups. READ MORE

The Welman Project

The Welman Project is a Fort Worth-based nonprofit that connects schools and other nonprofits with the community in ways that ignite creativity, environmental activism and social responsibility by distributing surplus materials from local companies for creative reuse in the classroom. In the past year, they diverted 24,000 cubic feet of materials from the landfill, which is about 135 standard dumpsters worth, mostly with their personal minivan and pick up truck. These materials have all found new life in a classroom or nonprofit through creative reuse efforts. The nonprofit received two nominations for this award. READ MORE



David Griggs

David Griggs is a civil attorney in Dallas and an instructor in Government at Brookhaven College. David has been an environmental activist in Dallas for more than 20 years, campaigning against polluters and as well as promoting environmentally responsible initiatives. He lobbies for environmental bills before Texas legislators and testifies before the Texas Railroad Commission, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the EPA. As the current political chair of the Dallas Sierra Club for almost a decade, David has played a significant role in helping Dallas elect a City Council devoted to sound environmental policies. David also is the founder of the statewide Sierra Club PAC "Turn Texas Green," which helps Sierra-endorsed candidates with funds for their campaigns. READ MORE

Evelyn Mayo

At 23, Evelyn Mayo may be one of the youngest environmental organizers in DFW, but she has the bearing of a veteran eco-warrior. Arriving in DFW fresh out of college only 14 months ago, she joined the board of Downwinders at Risk and has helped revitalize that group by leading it into new areas of program work and attracting a team of inspiring 20 and 30-something women to join her. READ MORE

Clay Thurmond

Clay Thurmond is a Texas Master Naturalist serving with the Elm Fork Chapter. He plays a critical role in promoting conservation, sustainability and environmentalism in Denton Community. Over the last two years, Clay has firmly re-established a strong partnership between Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center and the Elm Fork Texas Master Naturalists. Thanks to Clays hard work, Clear Creek has plans to increase their trails by over two miles in the coming year. READ MORE

Whitney Wolf

Some people retire when they retire. Not Whitney Wolf! After a two-year breather following 40-plus years with AT&T, she went on to become communications director at North Texas Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist. Her business and production acumen make operations for North Texas Master Naturalist stay on track and focused because communications are clear. READ MORE


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