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Recommended Evergreen and Everciduous Trees

Picture of a branch tip of an Arizona Cypress tree.
An Arizona Cypress is not an everygreen, but it is considered an everciduous tree.

Recommended Evergreens and Everciduous Trees for North Central Texas

Published February 24, 2023, By ARBORILOGICAL SERVICES, INC.


Ornamental and/or Screening Trees

Burford Holly
Cherry Laurel
Chinese Photinia
Heather Leaf Mahonia
Needlepoint Holly
Nellie R. Stevens Holly
Taylor Juniper
Texas Mountain Laurel
Yaupon Holly

This unusual little evergreen is a 'Saratoga Gold' Yaupon Holly. Its yellow berries make it one of our favorites in the Arborilogical Services landscape.

Medium Trees (25 to 40 feet)

Arizona Cypress
Blue Atlas Cedar
Eastern Red Cedar
Incense Cedar
Italian Stone Pine
Little Gem Magnolia
Pinyon Pine  

The mature Italian Stone Pine pictured above is considered a medium size tree and has probably reached its maximum height. 


Large Trees (40 to 100 feet)

Deodor Cedar
Live Oak
Montezuma Cypress
Southern Magnolia

The above Southern Magnolias were planted as a screen between two next door businesses. Though we do recommend Southern Magnolias, we do not recommend a monoculture like the one created above. Diversity of tree species within a growing area creates a healthier environment for trees.

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