The Importance of Low Branching Limbs

Do trees prefer a long dress or mini-skirt?By Steve HouserLow branching limbs on trees perform a number of valuable functions.  The most noticeable being the aesthetic appeal and the natural look they … [Read more...]

Tree Species Profiles – Bur Oak

Tree Species Profiles—Top Rated Shade TreesBur Oak, Quercus macrocarpaBy Steve HouserWhen French botanist André Michaux (1746-1802) garnered the botanical naming rights for bur oaks, he went for the … [Read more...]

Fire Blight Outbreak Affects Area Flowering Pears

Mild spring temperatures and abundant moisture have created favorable conditions for Fire Blight.  Flowering Pears throughout North Central Texas are symptomatic, making this the largest outbreak in … [Read more...]

Drought and Heat May Have a Long-Lasting Effect on Urban Trees

It may be a few years before we fully understand the impact of last summer’s drought and heat on our urban forest.  The immediate effect is quite blunt.  Whether from relentless heat or lack of water, … [Read more...]

Heat, Drought, and Trees, Part I

Given the current drought and associated water restrictions, important questions arise:  How do drought and heat affect plants?  How do you water and care for plants during an extended drought and the … [Read more...]

Heat, Drought, and Trees, Part II

continued from Heat, Drought and Trees, Part I  Last month’s article touched on heat damage but the subject was not covered in detail.  As with the previous article, let’s consider all trees, … [Read more...]

Cookie Walks Revisited

A cookie walk is not a new dance step--nor is it a bake sale.  But it seemed to be a popular topic in last month’s e-gardens newsletter (related article - Tree Cookies. A unique way to recycle your … [Read more...]

Tree Cookies. Tree Recycling – A Unique Way to Recycle Your Tree

“Cookiewalks”A Unique Way to Recycle Your TreeWithin the forces of nature, from death comes life.  As a tree dies in a natural forest condition, it provides many benefits to the ecosystem as it slowly … [Read more...]

Add These Conifers to Your Planting List

By Bill Seaman All photos courtesy of Arborilogical Services, Inc.Texas gardens are blessed to have a large variety of trees suited for our climate and soils.  If there is one group of trees where we … [Read more...]

What This Summer Reminded Me about Trees

 by Steve HouserIt’s unusual to talk about trees without the weather coming up in the conversation.  It is perfectly understandable since much of what we do to care for trees is weather related.  … [Read more...]