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Our Native Trees: The Bois D'Arc

The Bois d'Arc is the most decay resistant of all North American timbers & is also immune to termites.
A Bois d'Arc (Maclura pomidra) with impressive root flare.

Published March 1, 1998 By ARBORILOGICAL SERVICES


The Bois d’Arc is a common tree in the urban landscape of northeast Texas. It is known that Indians used this tree for the making of bows, but it has been used for many other purposes. Bois d’Arcs were started in the central United States as hedge rows and wind breaks. This tree also provides a cover for some of the popular game birds such as quail and pheasant.

Bois d’Arc is the most decay resistant of all North American timbers and is also immune to termites. Several dyes can be extracted from the yellow heartwood and a non-toxic antibiotic useful as a food preservative has also been extracted from the heartwood. A myth that cattle foraging on the fruit could cause death has long since been proven false by several feeding experiments. This is just a little bit of information that might not be as well known about the Bois d’Arc (Maclura pomidra).

The Metroplex Champion Bois d’Arc is located at 3838 Walnut Hill in Dallas.

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