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When Tree Removal Becomes Necessary

It takes a highly skilled, experienced, and properly trained tree climber to safely remove a tree without damage to existing property. When a tree removal becomes necessary, our climbers are among the most knowledgeable and experienced available.

A large mature tree that must be removed due to disease.

When Tree Preservation Is Not Possible

Since our inception, the phrase at the top of our proposal reads: “Enhancing our urban environment through tree preservation”. We have always worked diligently to save as many trees as possible over the years. While it is often the last resort, there are circumstances when tree removal becomes necessary or required. Trees which are dead, declining, or structurally weak, may present a potential hazard to persons, property, pets, and wildlife. Although we love trees and the many benefits they provide, we may recommend removal in certain circumstances.  

All trees can potentially be hazardous given the right set of circumstances, regardless of their health, size or age. High winds, ice storms, hail damage or snow buildup can create weakened limb structures that are cracked or damaged internally. As a result, trees may contain internal defects that may or may not be detected by visual inspection. However, for those with obvious structural integrity concerns, removal may be the only option.               


A large tree that is being removed by Arborilogical Services.

Reduced Price Comes at a Cost

A tree company can find many ways to reduce the time and expense of removing a tree, but with these reductions there may be a much greater risk involved. Safe and proper tree removal is an art and science which avoids damage to property when it is done correctly. Trees can weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds and it takes highly skilled and trained tree climbers to safely remove a tree without damage to existing property.

Look for a company that will be safe and do it right without leaving a mess or damaged property. Always ask for a certificate of insurance for liability and workman’s compensation insurance coverage. Be sure the coverage is for a tree care company and NOT for a landscape company.                     

Our expert tree climbers are some of the most decorated in the industry.
Mr. Vicente Navarro, having won the 2007 Texas Tree Climbing Competition, represented Texas at the International Tree Climbing Competition in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Most Recognized Tree Climbers

When a tree removal becomes necessary, our tree climbers are among the most knowledgeable and experienced available. Our tree climbers have won the annual Texas Tree Climbing Competition an unprecedented twenty-five different years with eight different tree climbers being past state champions.

We have continuously represented the State of Texas in the North American and International competitions all around the world. One of our top Crew Foremen, Mr. Miguel Pastenes, won the North American Tree Climbing Competition in 2015 making him the best climber on the continent for the year. The International Tree Climbing Competition is akin to the Olympics for tree climbers and our climbers often place in the top ten rankings. Mr. Pastenas has also been a past International Champion in the speed climb events.      

Do you have a tree that needs to be removed?

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