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Neil Sperry autographing his book Lone Star Gardening, Texans' newest go-to gardening reference
Neil Sperry’s Lone Star Gardening is Texans’ newest go-to gardening reference. Photo courtesy Mr. Sperry.

Neil Sperry, the Definitive Word in Horticulture, is a long-time friend and avid supporter of Arborilogical Services as well as our consulting arborist group. Learn more about Neil and his advice on hiring a professional tree care company below.


Neil's horticulture practices are based on scientific research and a lifetime of experience.

Mr. Neil Sperry`s extensive knowledge and experience in the green industry is unquestionable and he certainly deserves the title of the Definitive Word in Horticulture ( His organization is top notch and they are well versed at producing his radio show, as well as publishing his e-gardens Newsletter and his book Neil Sperry's Lone Star Gardening. Our consulting arborist have contributed many articles over the years to his e-gardens Newsletter to help educate the public about important tree related issues. 

Folks have learned that Mr. Sperry works very hard to keep the public educated about sound horticultural practices, which are based on scientific research and a lifetime of experience.   

In the following Dallas Morning News article, Mr. Neil Sperry discusses the importance of hiring qualified arborists.


Invest in your shade trees by hiring professionals

Published October 31, 2014 By NEIL SPERRY /

A properly chosen and placed shade tree can be worth thousands of dollars in the resale value of a Texas home. Plus, all the while that it's appreciating in worth, it’s also making your life much more enjoyable. It only stands to reason, then, that you’d protect that investment by hiring only highly qualified professionals to work on your trees.

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Arborist and Crew Were Courteous and Helpful

"The arborist who came out to my home for the first time was courteous and answered all my questions. The crew man who worked on the tree was also helpful in explaining the process to protect my tree from Oak Wilt. Very pleased with the service."

- Nita F. (Neil Sperry Radio Referral)

The following Fort Worth Star Telegram article features Mr. Neil Sperry interviewing Mr. Steve Houser on tree care following drought conditions.

Tree care after a terrible summer

Published March 19, 2012 By NEIL SPERRY / The Weekend Gardener / Fort Worth Star Telegram

When the guy's ringtone is of a chain saw revving, he might be an arborist.

I had a chance to visit with Steve Houser, owner of Arborilogical Services, a few days ago as his crew worked 50 feet up in our trees. Steve is highly respected by his crews, his clients and even his competitors. He's been instrumental in bringing trees to the attention of thousands of local residents. He's an advocate for North Texas trees, and he's good at it.

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