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Emergency Response (ER) for Your Trees

We care about your trees! When your trees need an Emergency Response, Arborilogical Services® provides prompt and reliable service. 

Arborilogical Services reacting to an emergency service request- removal of a tree that fell onto a client's home.

Emergency Service Requests

If you have a limb or an entire tree on your house or blocking a driveway, you need help quickly. Inclement weather and storms can cause tree limbs or entire trees to fall, damaging property and blocking access to homes, driveways and streets.

Our phone system allows a caller to leave a message on an emergency line which contacts one of our consulting arborists or you can turn in a service request by selecting Contact Us below. 

Emergency service requests received during normal business hours typically receive a response from us the same day. Since we cannot remove trees or limbs in the dark, service requests received after normal business hours may not receive a response until the next morning. We also respond to emergency requests on weekends. 

During times with a large number of emergencies, such as ice damage or wind damage, we may limit the number of new clients we accept, out of loyalty to our existing clients. 

Do your trees need help?

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