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Copyright and Privacy Statement

Revised 10/12/2021 Updated text and Trademark Statement
Revised 9/28/18 Updated text 
Revised 8/30/2009 Collecting Personal Information for Google AdWords Marketing Program
Revised 4-11-2009 Updated Trademark Statement
Revised 1-24-2009. Updated Newsletter unsubscribe statement. Added the line for the Copyrighted logo and graphics. Changed statement about cookies.
Previous Revision 12-27-2006. Added unsubscribe statement for newsletters.

Collecting Your Personal Information

Google AdWords uses an anonymous cookie to track the effectiveness of user click-through to specific locations within the website. Once the web location goal is reached or a specified time period elapses, the cookie expires. No personally identifiable information is stored in this cookie.

We will request information from you from time to time that will personally identify you to us or allows us to contact you. Generally, this information is requested when you submit information in either the service request form, when you send an email directly to one of our staff members, or sign up for our newsletter. Any information collected by Arborilogical Services, Inc. or our website,, is considered confidential and will only be used by the company to respond to your questions or provide services requested by you.

Any information collected by Arborilogical Services, Inc. will never be sold to any third party or given to any other corporate entity PERIOD without your express prior, written permission.

Arborilogical Services, Inc. reserves the right to release information properly requested from regulatory agencies. Such a release will only be done if we are required to do so by law.

Use of Cookies’s web hosting company may use session cookies for statistical information and user hit counting. No personal identification is retrieved, stored or transmitted in any case. These cookies are short-lived. When you close your browser, the cookie is deleted.

Changes to This Statement will periodically update this Privacy statement page (see revision date).

Copyright and Trademark Restrictions

Arborilogical Services, Inc. is protected by copyright and trademark laws. Any misuse or duplication of proprietary material is strictly prohibited.

Our logos, graphical depictions, images, photographs, and written material on this website are all copyrighted material. Any duplication without prior permission is strictly prohibited. Contact us for usage or reprint rights. No individual, corporation, or group other than Arborilogical Services or their authorized agents may use the Copyrighted logo or any other materials on this website without expressed written permission.

The name Arborilogical was created by Mr. Steve Houser and Mr. Kevin Bassett, Arborilogical Services co-owners, when the company was created. The name Arborilogical™ is an Arborilogical Services trademark and may not be misused.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

To unsubscribe at any time or for any reason, please do the following, depending on your subscription type.
Email Subscription: If at any time you wish to unsubscribe for any reason, please send an email to Type “Unsubscribe Newsletter” in the Subject line.

Postal Mail Subscription: Please send a note by postal mail to our mailing address [see below] with the words “Unsubscribe Newsletter” with your name and return address. You can also give us a call at one of our convenient phone numbers from our Contact page.

Arborilogical Services, Inc., 16 Steel Road, Wylie, TX 75098
Please allow 10 days for these actions to take place.

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