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Community Service

Since our inception, our company staff has offered significant volunteer support for many worthy causes and nonprofit groups over the years. We have highlighted the groups we work more closely with below. We provide many resources for these community groups and often speak to the public or news organizations on their behalf.

Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Parks/Schools

The Dallas Mavericks basketball team (or Mavs) approached our owner in 2011 requesting help with the newly established NBA "Green Week". As a result, we developed a tree planting program called "Trees for Wins" and we planted 62 trees in Reverchon Park, one for each Mavs home game that they won.

By the second year, we included another partner, Pricewaterhouse Coopers who graciously provides a large number of volunteers each year. Our owner provided a new name for the program of "Trees for Threes", and a tree is planted for each three-pointer scored at home. Each year we plant over 300 larger trees in Dallas schools and parks and our company provides pro-bono maintenance for three years. The Trees for Threes program has now spread to seven other NBA teams around the nation. It is a sustainable tree planting program as we replace any tree that is lost.

Blooming plants in the Iris Bowl at Reverchon Park, one of the oldest parks in Dallas.

Friends of Reverchon Park

Reverchon park was named after the first botanist to our area, Julian Reverchon, The park is historic and often considered to be the crown jewel of area parks but fell into disrepair and illicit activities took over the park in the 1990's. The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children property adjoins the park and the President, JC Montgomery, took a leadership role in the problem and requested help from Arborilogical Services® to clean up the park, in 1999.

We helped to organize and manage the first clean up effort which attracted over 500 people. Annual clean up efforts continue to this day attracting hundreds of volunteers and we always assist with the events management. Our owner managed the volunteer teams for 17 years. After three years of clean up efforts, the Friends of Reverchon Park was established as a volunteer group to help with park management. Our owner has served on the board of directors since its inception and encouraged the renovation of the historic Iris Bowl, which was completed in 2012.

EarthX (previously known as Earth Day Texas)

The first Earth Day celebrations were held over 20 years ago on Flagpole Hill at White Rock Lake in Dallas. The event was organized by local environmental-minded individuals, but the general public had little interest.

The City of Dallas held the first couple of Earth Day celebrations in downtown, but again interest was limited. Mr. Trammell S. Crow decided to create Earth Day Dallas, which became Earth Day Texas, now EarthX, For the second Earth Day Dallas, our owner convinced officials to create a "Fun Climb" event for the public. This tree climbing event shows children and adults alike they can overcome anything when they think positive and stay determined to succeed. They are able to connect with nature as well as successfully face the physical and mental challenge that comes with tree climbing.

Our company proudly sponsors EarthX every year including the "Fun Climb" through 2018. Beginning in 2019, Arborilogical Services invited EarthX attendees into "Tree World". Children of all ages enjoyed learning about the benefits of trees playing interactive games. A particular crowd pleaser this year was Mr. Houser's tree climbing demonstration that ended with him safely repelling back down to the ground. 

Vision North Texas logo.

Vision North Texas

Vision North Texas is a public/private partnership between the North Texas Council of Governments, the Urban Land Institute (builders, developers and architects), and University of Texas Arlington,

The mission is to plan for future regional growth and the huge increase in population that is expected in the future. Our company owner was appointed to the board of advisers when the group was established and served throughout the life of the project as an advocate for sustainable, reasonable, and responsible future growth in our 16 county region. When the group was established, very few understood the meaning of the term sustainability nor how to build a community in a sustainable manor. A sustainable development is one that is built to suit the natural features of a site and improves the natural ecology rather than making the site fit the development, which is often "business as usual" in our region. Building sustainably greatly benefits future generations in many ways and makes our communities more livable. A healthy urban forest equals a healthy community.

City of Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee logo.

City of Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee

The mission of the Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee (UFAC) as an all volunteer group is to provide sound advice to city officials and the public regarding our environment, trees and urban forest ecology, More specifically, the group serves in an advisory capacity on matters of environmental stewardship, specifically concerning the care and planting of trees and the urban forest by advocating sound arboricultural and urban forest management practices. The Committee provides proactive leadership for development of public policy and serves to educate citizens of Dallas regarding the numerous environmental, recreational, social and aesthetic benefits of a thriving urban forest. The committee is authorized to study, plan, advise, report and make recommendations on plans, programs or city codes which the Council or Park and Recreation Board determines necessary or advisable for the care, conservation, planting, pruning, removal or disposition of trees citywide. 

Our company staff encouraged and lobbied for the establishment of UFAC as a permanent part of city government. Our company owner served as the first chairperson for the group and served two terms to help get the group on track. The group worked diligently with builders, city officials, and developers to update the Dallas tree and landscape ordinance, lobbied for a new division of urban forestry, started a volunteer citizen forester program, and lobbied for more arborists and foresters to be hired, among many other significant accomplishments.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Texas Master Gardener logo

Texas Master Gardeners

The mission of the Texas Master Gardener Program is to be the volunteer arm of Texas AgriLife Extension that works to educate the public about sound horticultural practices,

Our company owner has been a Texas Master Gardener with the Dallas County Chapter for over 20 years, joining the program in 1998, He is also a longtime public speaker for the Dallas County program, providing many presentations each year.  

We are involved with the program to provide an education regarding sound arboricultural practices. Our consulting arborists provide annual training for new master gardener interns in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, and Kaufman Counties. Since the group is a part of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, the public often contacts the Extension office with tree and plant questions. Master Gardeners are often called on to answer these questions and our consulting arborists help to ensure they provide sound tree advice. 

Sunset over a pond and Bald Cypress trees.

Texas Master Naturalists

The basic mission of the Texas Master Naturalist Program is to educate the public about the interconnectedness of all things in our natural world, If we tinker with one part of our ecology, it may affect other parts in the future. Maintaining a balance in any ecological system is not an easy task in today's world.     

The program was developed by Texas AgriLife Extension and the Texas Parks and Wildlife as a volunteer force that works towards positive change in our natural world. Our company owner has been a Texas Master Naturalist for almost 20 years joining the North Texas Chapter in 2000, He provides annual training for master naturalist interns and is a longtime member of their speakers bureau. We are involved to help ensure the group is educated about sound urban forest management practices but also sound arboricultural practices. Since the group often works with the public, it is important that they provide good advice to the public. 

Texas Historic Tree Coalition

The mission of TXHTC is to find, research, recognize, and celebrate historic and Indian marker trees around the state, We cannot preserve significant trees that we fail to recognize as significant. Company staff encouraged and lobbied for the formation of the group in 1995 and a page on our website is dedicated to support their efforts.

Texas Tree trails logo.

Texas Tree Trails

Over the years of working with significant trees, it became clear there was a need to showcase all the historic, significant and champion trees which were previously recognized to allow the public to enjoy them. In 2001, the Texas Historic Tree Coalition urged the formation of a partnership with the Texas Forest Service, the Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council (in Dallas) and the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council (in Fort Worth) known as the Texas Tree Trails,

At the time, websites were a new concept and the vision was to take the public on a virtual tour of our most significant trees. The effort helps to preserve the rich history of significant trees for future generations to enjoy. It is also an organization that our company continues to provide volunteer and financial support. 


Specialy Texas license plate which helps to raise funds for urban forestry efforts around the state.

Texas Urban Forestry Council

The mission of Texas Urban Forestry Council is to provide resources and support for regional urban forestry councils around the state, Our company owner served as the treasurer for the board of directors for many years and helped to develop a tree related license plate that raises $22 per year for urban forestry efforts around the state. The plate shows a cool Pecan tree in front of an outline of the state. At the bottom, it states "Texas Trees". Of course, being a tree nut, our owner purchased a personalized plate that states "Root 4" and at the bottom it states..."Texas Trees."

Trinity Nature Conservancy home page of their website.

Trinity Nature Conservancy

The Great Trinity Forest is over 8,000 acres in size and it is the largest urban bottomland hardwood forest in America. Mr. Steve Smith serves on the Friends of Reverchon Park board with our company owner and he started the Trinity Nature Conservancy (TNC) with a mission to be good volunteer stewards of the forest and to encourage the public to enjoy the many natural assets found in the forest,

Our company owner is a founding member and serves on the board of directors as the "Tree Steve" and Mr. Steve Smith is the "Trail Steve" (as a way to tell one Steve from the other!) In working with the Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee, our owner helped to develop a comprehensive forest and wildlife management plan for the Great Trinity Forest and TNC is working diligently to get the city to act on the plan, among many other important goals.

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