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Whether Tree Climbing or Stump Grinding - Safety Comes First!

If you want a stump ground safely and efficiently, we are the certified arborists to contact.

A diseased stump to be ground.

Our Stump Grinding Service Offers Options

If you have a stump to remove, we have the equipment you need. A stump grinder is a motorized machine with a spinning cutter wheel which grinds the stump into mulch. The stump can be ground to a shallow depth to allow turf or groundcover to grow, or it can be ground to a deeper level to plant larger plant material. Surface roots can also be removed if they present a problem. 

Please contact us if you are in need of this service.

Stump grinding produces a beneficial byproduct- mulch

Mulch - A Beneficial Byproduct of Stump Grinding

Mulch is a beneficial byproduct of stump grinding, which is often mixed with soil. The process can generate a large amount of mulch, which can be used in a flower bed, garden, or around trees, especially newly planted trees. A one-to-three inch layer of mulch helps moderate the temperature and moisture in the soil. Additionally, as the mulch breaks down, it adds nutrients to the soil.

If necessary, the mulch produced by stump grinding can be removed from the site.  

Learn more about the benefits of mulch and the ways you can use it.

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