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Buying or Selling a Home: Your Arborist Can Help You Save Money

Before accepting the keys to a new home, request your arborist to perform a pre-closing tree inspection.

Published June 18, 2001 By ARBORILOGICAL SERVICES


We all understand the value of the inspection process in real estate transactions. But, did you ever think about what your arborist can offer to the process? If you are considering buying or selling a home, please contact us to arrange for a pre-closing inspection.

Unfortunately, many of our clients that recently purchased new or remodeled homes requested our services because their trees have begun to decline. The damage or stress placed on these trees is most often directly related to the construction process. Poor planning or poor execution when building near trees is very common. For more information, look at our article on "Construction Injury to Trees".

Again, please contact us to schedule a visit. This small step could save a great deal of aggravation AND money.

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