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Pointers On Hiring Tree-Pruning Help

Hire a professional tree care company to prune and remove trees.
Hire a professional tree care company to prune and remove trees. Do not just look for the best "bargain".

Published November 2, 2001 By JEANNETTE S. KETON


What should you look for in a tree pruning company?

Avoid companies that solicit door-to-door. Good companies usually have all the business they can handle.

Find out if the arborist is certified through a local program of the International Society of Arboriculture. But don't assume certification guarantees competence.

In some cities, arborists must be licensed. Check with city hall, then select a company that is in compliance with your city ordinances.

Ask to see certificates of insurance, including proof of liability for personal property damage and wroker's compensation. Then phone the insurance company to make certain the policy is current. Under some circumstances, you can be held financially responsible if an uninsured worker is hurt on your property or damage is done to a neighbor's property.

Ask for references; view the sites and talk with the property owner if possible.

Don't be enticed by bargains.

Obtain two or three estimates and discuss them, especially the specifics of what will be pruned and why in detail with company representatives.

Ask if the company uses climbing spikes. A conscientious arborist will not.

Avoid companies that recommend topping.

Beware of an arborist who is eager to remove a living tree. Removal should be a last resort.

About the author

Ms. Keton is a special contributor to the Dallas Morning News House & Garden section.

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