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Question and Answer: Post Oak Shedding Bark

When a tree sheds bark it is usually superficial in nature. There shouldn't be cause for alarm unless there are signs of damage to vascular system.
A Post Oak that is shedding it's bark.

Published April 25, 2012 By NEIL SPERRY and STEVE HOUSER

Question:  What would have caused our post oak tree to shed bark? It looks healthy overall. D.F., Colleyville

Answer: We referred your question to our tree expert, Steve Houser owner of a local tree care company, who said that your tree appears to be a post oak and that the bark shedding is probably not cause for alarm. Here’s his note: “The problem is most likely to be squirrels that peel off small pieces of the bark. The photos do not show any significant damage to the vascular system and it appears to be more superficial in nature. No cause for alarm unless the damage becomes more extensive in the future. Woodpeckers can cause this type of damage, but it is typically in a tree that has active borers in the trunk.”

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