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American Elm Gets Promised Pruning As Does Second Backyard Tree

Steve Houser, owner of Arborilogical Services prunes Vietnam veteran's tree for free to settle dispute between two neighbors.

Published November 29, 2012 By KATIE FAIRBANKS


A suffering American elm that was the source of a neighborhood disagreement has now received the tender-loving care promised to Problem Solver by a tree specialist.

Steve Houser of Arborilogical Services went way beyond his promise of pruning the tree at the center of the neighbor’s feud. That job alone was estimated worth about $800 to $900, but he also fertilized the decades-old elm to give it a boost and did additional work on an entirely different tree.

“We also removed some dead limbs on a tree in his back yard that were over the neighbor’s house,” said Houser, who reported by email that he had fulfilled his promise shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday. “Most of all, we appreciate your hard work in seeking a resolution to this problem.”

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Ms. Fairbank is a Staff Writer for the Dallas Morning News.

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