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Kirbie Houser Awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Medal

Kirbie Houser awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Medal at the 2013 Texas Tree Climbing Competition.
Pictured left to right- Guy LeBlanc and Kirbie Houser pictured with Kevin Bassett at the 2013 Texas Tree Climbing Competition. Photo by Margaret Hall Spencer.

Published July 1, 2013 By KEVIN BASSETT/IN THE SHADE


I would like to thank all who volunteered their time and talents during the Texas Tree Climbing Championship. Without you there would be no such event. If you missed it, well, I feel sorry for you. Maybe next year you will be able to come and add your skills to this incredibly talented and knowledgeable group.

"I would also like to thank Kirbie Houser. Trust me on this; without Kirbie you all would have been very unhappy. She arranged the food, she set up the score sheets, she kept me organized and on track during the months of work that preceded the event. Due to her help the event ran very smoothly and on time. For her efforts, she was awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Medal." - Kevin Bassett

2013 Texas Tree Climbing Championship participants.

Thank you, all. I look forward to keeping our team together, adding to it, and making this an event here the members have a lot of fun and expose arboriculture and arborists to the public statewide. I foresee this becoming the premier chapter tree climbing championship of the ISA family. If you would like to help in this endeavor, please contact me, as planning for next year is already underway and we do want and need your help.

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