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How Much Is That Tree?

Trees and bluebonnets in Texas.
Photo by Jason St. Peter/Culture Map Dallas.

Published January 17, 2016 By TERESA GUBBINS


Dallas needs to up the value of its trees, says arborist Steve Houser. The value of a tree in Dallas is $100 per diameter inch. City officials have been reluctant to increase the value because they're afraid to alienate developers. That is one thing we do not want to do, upset the developers. However, trees in Dallas are valued lower than other cities: Houston's trees are $240 to $535 per diameter inch. Flower Mound is $250 per diameter inch. Fort Worth and Austin are $200. C'mon, our trees are better than theirs.

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Ms. Teresa Gubbins

Ms. Gubbins is a senior editor with Culture Map Dallas. Currently, she relays breaking news on restaurants in Dallas/Fort Worth.

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