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Trees Rejoice at Their Sight

One of Neil Sperry's favorite photos of Steve Houser in Neil's backyard.
This is one of my favorite photos: My friend Steve Houser, owner of Arborilogical Services, in our backyard where he’s been working alongside his crew tending our large shade trees. All photos by Neil Sperry.

Published November 1, 2018 By NEIL SPERRY

He wanted a "green" building...

It was pouring down rain last Wednesday when my wife and I paid a visit to Arborilogical Services, but that was OK. Owner Steve Houser had time to show us around and explain some of the things he and his architect and builder had worked into the facility.

It’s 5,000 square feet of very functional office space with a couple of meeting rooms. The roof faces mostly south, and it’s 80 percent covered with solar panels. Steve said their electric bill is usually just a couple of hundred dollars a month. Pipes plunge 200 feet into the ground to recirculate water that holds a constant 68 degrees. It’s an easy adjustment to boost that up to comfortable room temperatures in the winter, and 68F is a great starting point for cooling in summer.

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