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Planting of Comanche Marker Trees Brings Awareness to Area

Published Friday, October 9, 2020 By SHANE LANCE

On Saturday, September 26, Quanah was honored to have Steve Houser, founding member of the Texas Historic Tree Coalition and certified arborist, and four descendants of Quanah Parker participate in the planting of two Comanche Marker Trees. Houser is considered the top authority on Comanche Marker Trees and literally co-authored the book, Comanche Marker Trees of Texas. Houser has been working with the Comanche Nation for over 25 years in helping to identify Comanche Marker Trees. He has been deeply honored to work with the Comanche Nation with marker trees for as long as he has. Houser was able to spare a few moments to sit down with the QTC.

To read the questions Quanah Tribune-Chief asked as well as Houser's answers, select Download PDF above (under the picture of the Comanche Marker Tree on the right).

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Mr. Shane Lance

Mr. Lance is a reporter and co-owner of the Quanah Tribune-Chief in Quanah, Texas.

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