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Big Trees Need More Protection, Say DFW Advocates

One of many large trees bulldozed to make room for apartments in Fort Worth recently.
Don Young was dismayed to discover a grove of large trees bulldozed to make way for apartments in west Fort Worth last month. Photo by Don Young.

Published April 1, 2021 By JULIE THIBODEAUX

By now, it's happened to every tree lover.

You drive by a wooded lot on your route or admire a stand of trees outside an office window. You might even mistake it for a park.

And then one day you look and it's gone.

Bulldozers are pushing trunks into a pile. Some shell-shocked survivors dot the landscape.

And you blurt out:

“Don’t we have a tree ordinance?”

Recently, Don and Debora Young went to a favorite shady spot along the Clear Fork of the Trinity River in west Fort Worth, behind Whole Foods. They expected to see a familiar stand of towering trees. Instead they found a circle of stumps. The couple — long-time conservationists and cofounders of the Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area — surveyed the site in horror.

“These giants were stacked up like cordwood for about a quarter mile,” Don Young wrote in a Facebook post last month. “They must have been among the oldest trees left in town. I measured one at more than four feet in diameter. Seems to me there should stricter code enforcement for protecting treasures such as this.” 

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