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Arborilogical Services Announces New Sustainable Office

Arborilogical's new green building.
A current view of Arborilogical's green office building in June 2021.

Revised with updated photos June 7, 2021 By STEVE HOUSER (Originally Published April 1, 2021)

The street-side view of Arborilogical Services. The angled roof allows for the most efficient capture of the sun's energy. The solar panels typically provide more than enough energy to run our day-to-day power needs. To see a video about our solar panels made by Axium Solar (the company who installed our solar panels), select the collage of photos above on the right. 


In 1985, the original office for Arborilogical Services, Inc. was purchased. It was a steel building shell with no interior offices and three drive-thru bays to park trucks. Our offices were built inside the steel shell over the years to accommodate our growth.

To read the rest of this story and view photos of Arborilogical's original office and shop as well as the many stages of building including the final product and current photos of their environmentally responsible new "green" office building, select "Download PDF" above (below and to the right of the first picture).

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Mr. Steve Houser

Mr. Houser is a Dallas native with almost 40 years of experience as a consulting arborist and expert tree climber. He is the president and owner of Arborilogical Services, “The Experts Your Trees Deserve.”®

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