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Parker Family Holding First Annual Quanah Parker Medicine Mound Gathering

Descendants of Quanah Parker perform.
Members of the Quanah Parker Family perform during the Quanah High School Homecoming festivities this past year. Photo courtesy of Shane Lance with Quaha Tribune-Chief.

Published May 7, 2021 By SHANE LANCE

This coming June, the Quanah Parker family will be holding the first Annual Quanah Parker Medicine Mounds Gathering on June 17th through the 20th.

The festivities begin on Thursday, June 17th with the Gathering's Kickoff Event. Beginning at 5:00 p.m. at 2nd Street and Mercer in downtown Quanah, everyone is invited for free live music. The musical guests are Monica Taylor, Travis Fite, Jared Tyler, and Casey Van Beek. Native Comanche Fry Bread along with food trucks will be available. After the kickoff event, the activities will shift out to the Mounds with Ceremonial Sweat Lodges and a campfire gathering under the stars with stories, drums, and more live music.

Mr. Steve Houser will be teaching attendees who are interested in learning about Comanche Marker Trees on Saturday, June 19th at 3:30 p.m. in the Quanah High School Auditorium.

To read the full article that includes the complete calendar of events for the gathering, select the PDF on the right under the main picture above.

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Mr. Shane Lance

Mr. Lance is a reporter and co-owner of the Quanah Tribune-Chief in Quanah, Texas.

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